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          Internet Video
          Vision Mixing
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          tel: 01223 505600

          email: studio@wavefx.co.uk

          About us

          Who we are in a nutshell..

          1. Team of 4

          2. Based in Cambridge UK

          3. Trading for over 12 years

          4. In bed with the latest technology

          5. Friendly, creative and professional

          Recent awards

          Our main business is video production and animation: we have our own green screen studio and have won numerous awards most recently for a Microsoft MSN 3D video.

          Our aim

          We work with many high profile clients as well as agencies and production companies.
          Our focus is always aimed at delivering a
          great job every time.

          Other Services

          3D filming

          • Stereoscopic 3D
          • 3D Presentations
          • Projection Mapping

          Video production

          • Corporate Videos
          • Event Streaming
          • Digital signage

          3D presentations

          • 3D PowerPoint
          • Design Service
          • Hire 3D glasses

          3D hub

          • 3D Models
          • Huge Library
          • Interactive
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