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        1. 齐齐乐棋牌

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          Project Interests
          Internet Video
          Vision Mixing
          Event Streaming
          Equipment Hire
          Comments / Questions
          Thank you for your enquiry, one of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

          tel: 01223 505600

          email: studio@wavefx.co.uk


          How does licensing work?
          We’ve tried to make licensing as simple as possible in principle you can use the completed video anywhere for as long as you like.

          What format will the finished video be?
          Any format you like, for no extra cost we can encode your video into multiple formats including h264 for YouTube and WMV for PowerPoint. If Formats aren’t your thing just get in touch and we’ll gladly advise you.

          How do I give you our pictures video and text?
          Simply upload to dropbox, skydrive or icloud and send us the link, or we still love receiving a CD in the post.

          What type of files do you prefer?

          We can pretty much take and convert any media file but if we had a preference;
          : Jpeg, Tiff, EPS or PSD (100dpi at 1920x1024)
          QuickTime or MP4 at the highest resolution possible
          Text: a simple word document will be fine.

          Can I make changes?

          Certainly, we will supply low resolution previews for sign-off and won’t hit render until you’re completely happy.

          How long does the video take to make?
          It depends on the option you choose, but on average its 3 day turnaround.

          Do you provide filming and editing services

          Yes our sister company WaveFX is a full service video production company. contact jamie@wavefx.co.uk or call 01223 505600


          Other Services

          3D filming

          • Stereoscopic 3D
          • 3D Presentations
          • Projection Mapping

          Video production

          • Corporate Videos
          • Event Streaming
          • Digital signage

          3D presentations

          • 3D PowerPoint
          • Design Service
          • Hire 3D glasses

          3D hub

          • 3D Models
          • Huge Library
          • Interactive
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